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Kansas City Royals To Honor Missouri Troops Serving In Afghanistan On Saturday

Kansas City will be taking part in This One's For You, a game that will be broadcasting to those military personnel that are our defending our country overseas.

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Recently you may have noticed the commercials during telecasts of Royals game were players are thanking those who serve in the military for their support.

It will all come to fruition on Saturday night as the Royals will be taking on the Detroit Tigers in just another regular season baseball game, but this one will come with a special meaning for a select group half way around the globe. The Royals have the pleasure of taking part in This One's For You, a game that will be shown live on the Armed Forces Network, a radio and television network that serves American military personnel abroad. The telecast will be the same Fox Sports Kansas City that we all watch here at home.

Along with televising the game, the broadcasting crew will have the opportunity to visit with the 548th Transportation Company of the Missouri National Guard who will be tuning in from Afghanistan to watch the Royals. Many families of those soldiers overseas will be on hand at Kauffman Stadium to take part in the event as well, having the opportunity to visit with their family members serving our country. Fans attending the game are encouraged to show their patriotic support.

Thank you to all of our soldiers around the world and may all of you come home safely. Now let's have fun on Saturday and cheer on the Royals as if we were all at the ballpark together.