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Mike Montgomery Named To MLB's Top 10 Left-Handed Pitching Prospects

The Kansas City Royals are already celebrated for having one of the single best farm systems in recent memory, so it's not really surprising to find their players making individual top ten lists here and there. Mike Montgomery is the latest to make a list -- the MLB's Top 10 Left-Handed Pitchers list of prospects. Some might be in the majors already, while some persist, like Montgomery, just under the surface. But these are the hurlers who Jonathan Mayo believes will be the next great southpaws in the game.

Montgomery comes in at No. 7 and Mayo writes, "Little seemed to go right for Montgomery in 2011. He headed into the year at the front of an impressive group of pitching prospects in the Royals system, with many thinking he'd be the first to reach Kansas City. The Triple-A Pacific Coast League handed Montgomery a healthy serving of humble pie, as Montgomery struggled with his command for much of the season. His pure stuff is still as good as it ever was, with the potential to have three plus pitches, and he did stay healthy all season. Montgomery seemed to learn from his tough season, and it could serve him well this year, when the 22-year-old should break through to the big leagues."

Montgomery will likely make his debut sometime this summer after earning a bit more seasoning in AAA.