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Expect Wil Myers And Mike Montgomery To Find Permanent Homes With Royals In 2012

Dave Gershman of Beyond the Boxscore recently put together his list of top Royals prospects and it's clear he likes Wil Myers, Bubba Starling Mike Montgomery about as much as anyone else. The good news for Royals fans is that he expects two of the three to land in Kansas City sometime soon.

Montgomery is a big addition the team needs at the ML level if he can become the frontline starter that so many project him to be. As for Myers, he'll need Francoeur to vacate his spot or else for Billy Butler to be traded for the sake of opening up the designated hitter slot. However, both are too talented to keep down in the minors for much longer. Gershman also says the Royals should be good for many years to come with the way they've stacked their system.

"With a previously strong focus on international prospects and the draft, the Royals' system has continued to not only grow, but to display talent in each of their affiliates," writes Gershman. "Additionally, like the aforementioned trio of Hosmer, Moustakas and Duffy, the Royals impact is spread thoroughly throughout the system, potentially creating a yearly wave of new four and five-star prospects heading to Kansas City. It's not clear how the new CBA rules will affect the Royals outlook on evaluation, amateur spending and player development, but it's clear that they currently boast a strong foundation that will last the organization many years of impact talent embedded within the system."