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Boston Red Sox Set For 'Aggressive Bid' On Roy Oswalt, Royals Likely Out Of Running

While the Kansas City Royals were always fringe contenders for the services of the best free agent pitcher left on the market, the chances of bringing in Roy Oswalt were still exciting for a young team in need of a veteran ace like the Royals. However with the word that the Boston Red Sox are now reportedly setting their sights on the former Phillies starter, it’s clear that teams like the Royals won’t be able to best any bids for 2012.

Jerry Crasnick is reporting that the Red Sox are zeroing in on Oswalt. He wrote on Twitter, "The Scutaro trade frees up some $$ for #RedSox to make an “aggressive bid’’ for Roy Oswalt, said a baseball source.” The aforementioned “Scutaro trade” is a deal the Red Sox pulled earlier today that sent the middle infielder Marco Scutaro over to the Colorado Rockies in exchange for young reliever Clayton Mortensen. The move is a cost-cutting measure to reportedly allow for a run at Oswalt and it makes a way for prospect Jose Iglesias at shortstop.

The Royals will likely go to camp with the players they have in house unless a veteran mysteriously hangs around unsigned that seems too good to be true.