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Jeff Francis Agrees To Minor League Deal With Cincinnati Reds

For a pitcher who was wanted by half of Major League Baseball, at least according to the rumors, Jeff Francis has found reality rather harsh. At least, that's how it looks from the outside with the news that Francis has accepted a minor league deal with the Cincinnati Reds after spending the last year with the Kansas City Royals.

Zach Links reported last night that Francis reached a deal with the Reds that seems unfriendly on the surface for a veteran starting pitcher. Either Francis is keen to play for Cincy or the market wasn't as good as believed. Francis certainly has seen better days, but a serviceable starter is worth something, so to see guys like Francis and Kevin Millwood sign minor league deals shows that there are still some decent players available this late for a pittance.

Francis went 6-16 last year with a 4.82 ERA for the Royals.