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Kansas City Royals Likely Out Of Mix For Roy Oswalt

The Kansas City Royals are likely finished shopping for starting pitching even though they could clearly use another arm. At this point, Dayton Moore seems content to see what he already has in house before he brings in a veteran answer to a question he might not have. That said, there's a definitely lack of a dependable veteran arm to take the ball every fifth day and change momentum of the team if need be. Yet Roy Oswalt, the best bet out there on the market for such a role, is not coming to KC.

Instead, Ken Rosenthal and others are reporting that the Texas Rangers are the likely frontrunners for his services. Other teams like the Red Sox are also in the mix, and even AL Central rivals like the Tigers and Indians are interested. The Tigers even put out a contract offer, but it was reportedly turned down. Perhaps he will end up in the division, but unless they're a darkhorse no one is talking about, Oswalt is likely headed elsewhere in the next week or so.