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Royals Need To Strike Extension With Alex Gordon First Before Thinking About Eric Hosmer

Isn't it too early to think about a contract extension for a guy who just broke into the big leagues last season? Apparently not as Mike Axisa examines whether or not the Kansas City Royals should try to ink Eric Hosmer to a long-term deal and buy out some of the arbitration and free agent seasons now before the first baseman gets too expensive to keep around a small market team like the Royals.

Hosmer is definitely a franchise defining talent. The first baseman is already a fan favorite and he'll continue to carry that mantle of the team's MVP as long as he swings as sweetly as he did this rookie season. Still, it's a bit cart-before-the-horse to start thinking about an extension now. Even Axisa admits as much at the end of his article -- especially with one other possible extension looming quite large.

"The Royals have more pressing issues than extending Hosmer (like extending Alex Gordon), and there's no real rush to get a deal done now. They will pay their first baseman little more than the league minimum over the next two years, so time is on their side. The Fielder contract serves as a harsh reminder though, a reminder that if Hosmer turns into the franchise cornerstone Kansas City hopes he'll be, he might price himself right out of Kansas City. A long-term contract extension could help prevent, or at least delay that."

Royals fans have to hope they can sign both guys for the long-term and keep the team competitive for years to come.