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Lexington Legends announce changes as new Royals affiliate

A mustache -- among other things -- will be part of the new look of the Lexington Legends, the new Class A affiliate of the Royals.

Jamie Squire

The Lexington Legends, the Class A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals, showed off new uniforms, among other things, Thursday in anticipation of their first season with the Royals, according to

The team will have new hats, jersies and color schemes for the 2013 season. The look includes a mustache on the road hats:

Fans will see an old-timey "Big L" gripping two bats over a classic "Legends" script and white farm fences. Caps worn by the Legends for home games will feature a stone-chiseled "LEX" in reference to the historic dry stone walls that line many of the roads in the Bluegrass and a modernized "L-State" (a letter "L" in which the base is an outline of Kentucky). Big L's famous mustache will appear on the road caps, and the "stache" will be part of several new mustache-themed fan experiences. Big L will continue to represent the Legends as he has since the team began play in 2001.

Legends President and COO Andy Shea said "it was time to revitalize [the look], and we're really pumped about it."

The Legends' colors are defined as "regal green, bluegrass blue and classic cream." According to the report, the Legends are the first pro sports team to use the green-blue-cream combination.

The Royals and Legends announced their partnership on Sept. 19. The deal will run through the 2016 season.

The Legends were an affiliate of the Houston Astros since 2001, the first year of the Legends. Lexington competes in the Class A South Atlantic League.

The Royals went 72-90 last season. They finished third in the A.L. Central.