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Royals' new Lexington affiliate sports mustache logo

The Lexington Legends, Kansas City's Class A affiliate, are now the only minor league team with a mustache as their primary logo.

Jamie Squire

Hopeful that a new look will help make their team more marketable, the Lexington Legends, Kansas City's Class A Minor League affiliate, revealed their updated logos and uniforms last Thursday as reported by Benjamin Hill of

Along with a color scheme that has never been used in the minors, including royal blue, cream and kelly green, the Legends also became the only Minor League team to prominently display an actual mustache on their main uniforms. The team's road uniforms will feature a silver jersey with a capitalized 'Lex' across the front, while the matching green hats will show a large blue mustache as the team's logo.

The new logo is viewed as a nod to Big L, the team's official mascot who is known by fans for sporting a comically oversized mustache. Though he admits that the entire overhaul process started as nothing more than a funny jab at his own mascot, Lexington general manager Seth Poteat is very encouraged by the changes.

"It started as kind of a joke," Poteat said. "We're not recreating the wheel here. We're paying tribute to the area we're coming from, keeping it traditional yet new and fresh and modern."