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Royals manager Ned Yost envisions lineup like Texas Rangers'

Ned Yost thinks the Kansas City Royals could have a lineup like the Texas Rangers'.

Jamie Squire - Getty Images

Despite finishing the regular season with a 72-90 record, things are on the rise for the Kansas City Royals going into the offseason. They have a gang of talented, young starting pitchers and, according to manager Ned Yost, a lineup that could potentially look like the powerful offense in Texas:

"When I envision our offense, seriously, I envision more like Texas' offense. Maybe that's lofty expectations, but that where I'd like to get to," Yost said.

Yost has said that his team needs to inject more power into its offense, which put together lots of hits but didn't string together many runs in 2012. The Royals have talent up and down the lineup with guys like Billy Butler and Alex Gordon, and Kansas City could get another bat added to the lineup next season in No. 1 prospect Wil Myers.

If Yost's optimism regarding the team's attack isn't too unrealistic, the Royals could see improvement in their record during the 2013 season.