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Royals starter Felipe Paulino plans to stay in KC through offseason

Felipe Paulino will continue his Tommy John recovery in Kansas City with his family during the offseason

Jamie Squire - Getty Images

Felipe Paulino, injured through the second half of the MLB season, will be sticking around Kansas City during the offseason. The 29-year-old required Tommy John surgery after he tore an elbow ligament three months ago, and he is hoping to beat the odds when it comes to the normal 10-14 month recovery period from the procedure:

"I’m going to sacrifice my off-season," he said, "to do everything I can to be healthy for next year. That’s worth it, and that’s goal right now. My family is supporting me in this. They’re going to stay here with me. That’s a good thing for me to get that support."

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Paulino lives in Texas normally, but will stick around KC and work with therapist Jeff Blum in order to get himself back into playing shape as soon as possible. He's still around two months away from even being able to pitch correctly, but staying the long, cold winter in Kansas City won't hurt his chances of being ready. Ideally, he'd be able to pitch halfway through next season instead of sitting the entire year out.