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Royals OF Jason Bourgeois clears waivers

The Royals outfielder can elect for free agency after clearing waivers this weekend.

Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

The Kansas City Royals traded for a couple of major league veterans several months ago, and it's likely that both players were short-term additions to the roster now that Jason Bourgeois has reportedly cleared waivers, as Jon Heyman is reporting.

The Royals traded prospects Kevin Chapman and D'Andre Toney in March to the Houston Astros in exchange for veteran catcher Humberto Quintero and Bourgeois. Quintero lasted all of 43 games with Kansas City before being released in early July, while Bourgeois earned only 66 at bats at the Major League level.

In short, neither player earned significant time with the Royals, so it's hard to see the value that either player provided for the team to give up even marginal prospects to round out the roster. Given that Mitch Maier left the Royals this offseason already, Bourgeois could find a home here. However given his Twitter account status below, it could signal a change is coming:

Perhaps Bourgeois is headed to Omaha, but for now he's likely to become a free agent and take his choice of the best spot available to him.