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Jonathan Broxton signs with Cincinnati Reds

The former Royals reliever reportedly reached a three year deal with his new team.


The Cincinnati Reds were looking for some bullpen help this offseason to help round out their pitching staff, and it seems the team liked what it saw from former Kansas City Royals reliever Jonathan Broxton after the mid-season trade between both teams. Today it is being reported that the Reds signed Broxton to a three-year contractML to keep the reliever in Cincy through the 2015 season. reporter Mark Sheldon reports the terms of the deal as he's heard them:

The deals carries a $9 million club option and has a limited no-trade clause. If he is traded, it becomes a $22 million contract with a mutual option. Broxton has already passed his physical.

The Reds haven't made an official announcement yet, but this rumor was churning all day on Tuesday and it's no surprise the two sides reached an agreement. Broxton was a buy-low signing for the Royals just a year ago with the hopes that the reliever would turn around his fortunes with the Royals to bolster his stock for the next offseason. His agent clearly helped him plan this out well because Broxton has done just that.

Broxton had a 2.82 ERA in 25 games with the Reds last season.