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VIDEO: Joe Maddon responds to James Shields trade

Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon spoke to reporters on Monday about losing both James Shields and Wade Davis to Kansas City.


After two of his reliable pitchers were dealt to the Royals on Sunday night, Tampa Bay Ray manager Joe Maddon responded to reporters on Monday about the blockbuster deal between the two organizations.

Though he no longer will have the services of ace right-hander James Shields, the 58-year-old Maddon still believes it was a good deal for both sides. Nonetheless, the veteran manager admitted that it will be difficult to lose both Shields and fellow right-handed pitcher Wade Davis in one deal.

"We're losing two really good baseball players and great contributors to our ascent in major league baseball over the last couple of years," Maddon said. "I hate to see them go, but this is who we are and how we have to conduct business."

Maddon spoke of being impressed with the talent level of all four of his new additions, even though it may be another year before he's able to manage any of them in the majors. In addition to winning 87 games during his time with the Rays, Shields was a vital cog in Maddon's 2008 squad that claimed an AL title and advanced to the World Series.

Here is the full interview, via the Tampa Bay Times: