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Dayton Moore finds Royals-Rays trade criticism 'insulting'

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The Royals GM drew criticism for his decision to trade the team's top prospect for James Shields and Wade Davis.

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G. Newman Lowrance

In the wake of one of the biggest trades in the recent history of the Kansas City Royals, the team has been the subject of much criticism for the move. Particularly, general manager Dayton Moore has been under fire for his decision to trade away the team's top prospect along with three other players for James Shields and Wade Davis.

On Monday, Moore told Bob Nightengale of USA Today that the criticism of the move has been insulting to him:

"To me, that's insulting,'' Moore tells USA TODAY Sports. "That's very insulting. Very, very insulting.

"I don't get too bent up about criticism, and I want to take the high road here, but that's insulting my integrity.

"If something happened, I couldn't get another job in baseball? Is that what people think?''

After taking over as the team's general manager during the 2006 season, Moore's contract with the team was extended in August of the 2009 season. During the 2012 season, the Royals managed to finish third in the American League Central, the highest finish since 2003, but in Moore's seven seasons as executive, the team has yet to finish with more than 75 wins.

Shields, 30, played seven seasons with the Rays, recording double-digit wins in each of his last six seasons with the club. His 2011 season featured a 2.82 ERA and earned Shields an All-Star game bid and third place in the AL Cy Young voting.