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Rob Neyer: 'Worst trade in MLB history.'

SB Nation's Rob Neyer is not a fan of this potentially one-sided trade.


The Kansas City Royals made a major move on Sunday, trading top prospects Wil Myers and Jake Odorizzi, along with prospects Mike Montgomery and Patrick Leonard, to the Tampa Bay Rays. The Royals went all-in on a serious upgrade in the short term, trading the prospects for starting pitcher James Shields and relief pitcher Wade Davis.

While there are some who view this trade a good move for the Royals, Rob Neyer of Baseball Nation is not exactly a fan of the trade for KC:

Myers is a top five prospect across the league, while Odorizzo is also considered one of the top prospects in the Royals system. Trading depth of this nature is supposed to bring a true ace or superstar in return and while Shields is considered a good pitcher, he's far from the ace top-of-the-rotation player the Royals really need.

That said, the Rays likely won't benefit from this trade for a least a few years. Trading two good pitchers for prospects is a risk and Neyer believes the Royals could be the "winners" in the short term.