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Royals Offseason News: Manager Ned Yost's Contract Extended Through 2013

The Kansas City Royals enjoyed a significant amount of forward progress in the 2011 season. The team is hoping that they can continue that success over the next couple of years under the continued guidance of manager Ned Yost.

Dick Kaegel of the offcial Royals website reports that the team has exercised the 2013 option on Yost's contract, ensuring that the manager will be heading up the club for the next two seasons. Yost commented on his return from the Royals spring training complex in Arizona.

It was real exciting seeing them all get to the big leagues last year, and then watching them play together and watching the way they finished up was real impressive to me.

What I like about this job is absolutely everything. I love the city, I love the ballpark. The ownership with the Glasses is phenomenal. Our front office is top-notch, our player development is top tier ... and these young players are a phenomenal group of talented young guys with awesome makeup. So there are really no downsides to this job at all -- none.

Royals GM Dayton Moore had plenty of praise for Yost.

Ned brings a professionalism, an intensity level, a passion to win each day. He does an incredible job of motivating players and an incredible job of leading.

There's a strong sense of respect that players have for Ned. He keeps that line drawn for a manager-player relationship, and I think it's a healthy relationship that exists -- it's one of respect and control, and Ned has certainly done a tremendous job in creating an atmosphere in the clubhouse that's conducive to winning.

Royals fans who enjoyed Yost's managerial style and the energy he brought to the team the last two seasons can look forward to the next two years as his young team continues to get stronger.

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