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Present and Accounted For: All Pitchers and Catchers Are At Spring Training For The Royals

The grass is cut and the players are ready as Spring Training 2012 has begun for the Kansas City Royals.

As Monday approached, all Kansas City Royals pitchers and catchers figured to be in camp with newly signed Jose Mijares being the lone exception. However, the former Minnesota Twins reliever reported Monday after having some visa delays in trying to make it to Arizona.

Nearly everyone on the roster is in camp, though the full team is not required to be there until Saturday. That's a good sign as everyone is ready to go and get a promising 2012 season underway.

Not only are there new faces in the clubhouse, but it's also worth reminding that the Royals have a new pitching coach in Dave Eiland, who took over for Bob McClure. McClure, who had been the pitching coach since 2006, is now holding the same job with the Boston Red Sox.

Eiland, who spent parts of 10 season as a major league pitcher, spent 2012 in the Tampa Bay Rays front office. Previously he had been the New York Yankees pitching coach.

In other news, it appears Mike Moustakas arrived to spring training down 10 lbs since last season and down 20 lbs over the past two seasons. If you recall, Jeff Francoeur lost quite a bit of weight before his inaugural campaign last season and it seemed to help him improve his game all-around. Moustakas spent much of the off season training in his native California and was quoted as saying-

"I’m in the best shape of my life," he said. "I’m quicker. I’m better athletically. I mean, if you lose 10 pounds, you’ve got to be more athletic, right? I feel good with my swing. I feel light on my feet. I’m able to move better left and right. I feel more agile.

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You can read the full conversation with Moustakas in the Kansas City Star.

For the sake of the fans, let's hope this isn't another Mike Sweeney-esque "Best shape of my life" talk, and the results are seen on the field.

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