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Royals Spring Training: Jose Mijares Missing From Kansas City Camp

The Kansas City Royals signed a few new pitchers this offseason in the hopes of not only filling out the starting rotation but also rounding out the bullpen as well, one likely to get quite taxed as the season wears on. Jose Mijares was signed to be a part of that along with others like Jon Broxton. But while everyone else has reported, the Royals say that they are not quite sure where Mijares is at.

“We don’t know where he’s at,” manager Ned Yost said before Tuesday’s practice. “We were told at the hotel that he had checked in. He hadn’t. And he hadn’t picked up his visa yet and we’re trying to get in touch with him.”

The team’s press release even admits that the team’s officials believed Mijares had already arrived and checked into the hotel yesterday.

“The Royals mistakenly believed that Mijares had arrived in Arizona on Monday’s reporting date. Mijares’ visa is in Venezuela — he’s from Caracas — and the Royals were told he was delayed because of family issues.”

Mijares was signed away from the Minnesota Twins several weeks ago.