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Jose Mijares Is Still MIA and Danny Duffy Shows Off His Moves In Royals' Spring Training Recap

As Matt Conner noted yesterday, contrary to earlier reports, Royals reliever Jose Mijares has not yet shown up for spring training. Actually the Royals haven't had any contact with him in eight days. That is not exactly getting off on the right foot with your new team.

I understand players can have trouble with their visas, but Mijares had many weeks to take care of this. He should be in camp, and he'll likely be in the doghouse once he arrives. Officially the Royals know nothing other than Mijares is missing because of family issues.

Moving onto other issues, the Royals suffered their first injuries of spring training as catcher Manuel Pina injured his right knee and was carted off the field. Pina's spikes caught akwardly in the ground and he twisted his knee. The 24-year old backup catcher made his major league debut in 2011, getting three hits in 14 at-bats. Two of the hits were doubles. In 71 minor league games last season (mostly at Omaha), he posted a .239/.354/.372 line with five home runs and 28 RBI.

Minor league outfielder Paulo Orlando was also missing from training, as he was out with a sports hernia. Surgery may be required, but he is expected to be back by the season. Orlando, who has made it as far as Omaha, is an interesting player to follow. If he is to make it to Kansas City, he would be the first Brazilian to ever reach the major leagues.

In other news, Kansas City manager Ned Yost will be using a six-man rotation during spring training. Yost talked over the winter with Texas Rangers pitching coach Mike Maddux and will be utilizing the philosophy Texas put forth last year in spring training. The theory behind it is the Royals have many young pitchers they want to allow the opportunity to get in the most amount of work before the season begins.

Royals infield prospect Christian Colon is blogging during spring training and you can visit it here. Among his highlights from yesterday was besting his sprinting times over last season.

And finally, you must check out the video of Danny Duffy. Apparently a fire alarm went off as Duffy was filming a promo for the upcoming season. Hilarity ensued in four key points. First it started with the blank stare of confusion from Duffy, which lead into his rendition of the "Carlton dance" from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It eventually morphed into something that resembled a cross between "raising the roof" and the "John Wall". And it finally ended with a tricycle and some Benny Hill music. Hopefully that video is coming to a Crown Vision near you this season.