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Catching Up With The 2012 Royals At Spring Training

As Matt Conner noted yesterday, Jose Mijares has now arrived in Royals camp after taking care of Visa issues. He's at least a week behind all the other pitchers, but should be able to close the gap if he reports to camp in shape. Mijares has always had a big body, so conditioning is key for him. You can see for yourself, here.

One thing Mijares has going for him is that he was playing winter ball for much of the off season, so he should come into camp in good form.

Staying with the bullpen, Jonathan Broxton spoke with Fox Sports Kansas City's Joel Goldberg on Sunday afternoon and told Goldberg that this year's Royals team reminds him of the 2006 Los Angeles Dodgers. That season the Dodgers coming off a 71-91 record (identical to the 2011 Royals), and turned it around to an 88-74 record, which saw them tie for the National League West Division Championship with the San Diego Padres. The Dodgers would go on to lose in the Division Series to the New York Mets in seven games.

If it is video you are craving from spring training, the Kansas City Royals' twitter account has you set. You can view some spring videos here. Included from Sunday after Bubba Starling, Noel Arguelles, Jake Odorizzi, Wil Myers, and Alex Gordon. You can also view Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas taking batting practice.

If you don't recognize Moustakas, he has swapped the buzzcut for bushy curly hair. These are the types of stories that are serious business when it is spring training. No report on the intentions for his locks in the long-term. You can catch a glimpse the new 'do in this video courtesy of Goldberg and the FSNKC team (and the Kansas City Star as well).

Not too much else going on news wise as spring training at the moment. The action will heat up this week though as the Royals prepare for their first spring training game next weekend. Luis Mendoza will take to the hill for the Royals in their opener. He was unaware that he was starting until being informed by media reporters.

Billy Butler also is apparently looking trim and in good form, as he has long been tagged as a big body player.