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"Bury Me A Royal" As Danny Duffy Signs His Contract For 2012 With The Kansas City Royals

Danny Duffy signed a one-year contract on Tuesday with the Kansas City Royals for the odd figure of $487,750. Though it doesn't approach the long-term deal that Salvador Perez signed one day prior, the contract is one more thing to put in the rear view mirror as the season approaches.

Then at about 8 pm local time on Tuesday, Duffy made many Kansas City fans quite happy when he tweeted: "Bury me a Royal". If you aren't following Duffy, you can do so on twitter @dduffkc23.

This is a sign of the changing culture in Kansas City, as the roster continues to become overturned with younger players. Most of these players haven't seen many obstacles in their time coming through the system. Last year's 71-91 record was probably the worst team (record-wise) that many of them have been on. Players like Zack Greinke wanted out of Kansas City because they didn't feel the Royals were doing enough to put a winning product on the field. That winning record still may not come this season, but the culture is indeed changing. We are in the midst of a paradigm shift.

When the players are signing long-term contracts one day, and tweeting about the pride they have in being a Kansas City Royal the next, it instills a lot of pride amongst the fans. These are young guys the city can rally around and truly call their own. For a lot of Royals fans it's a changing mindset for them as well. I've never followed a true winner during all my days as a Royals fan. I was two years old when the Royals last won the World Series. Except for having a few decent teams in the early 90's and the magical 2003 season, I haven't known anything but defeat.

Coinciding with the Royals slogan for the upcoming year, "Our Time", I'm starting to realize more and more that isn't about just the players or the fans, it's about the spirit of the Royals culture as a whole.

We are starting their time on the field, and we are also beginning our time in the stands and on our television sets.