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Kauffman Stadium Is The Place To Be In 2012 If You Enjoy Collecting Lawn Gnomes

Besides the exciting product on the field, Kansas City Royals fans should be excited about some of the free stadium giveaways they can receive for getting out to the ballpark.

KANSAS CITY, MO - SEPTEMBER 16:   A young Kansas City Royals fan cheers during a game against the Chicago White Sox in the fifth inning at Kauffman Stadium on September 16, 2011 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
KANSAS CITY, MO - SEPTEMBER 16: A young Kansas City Royals fan cheers during a game against the Chicago White Sox in the fifth inning at Kauffman Stadium on September 16, 2011 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
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Now that I likely have your attention with the headline, let's take a look at the top stadium giveaways that will be given out during the 2012 season at Kauffman Stadium. Everyone enjoys free stuff, if you find someone who says they don't...they are lying. Sure you have to pay for the game ticket to receive your free stuff, but that is a given.

Moving on, what else do people enjoy besides free stuff? Lists. Everyone enjoys list. In college sports we have the various Top 25 polls so that fans can argue who they think is underrated, overrated, and everything in between. Lists gives people a sense of organization. If we make a list, we'll likely remember what it was we needed when that time comes.

So alas I present the Top 10 stadium giveaways at Kauffman Stadium, why you need said item, and also so that you can remember to attend the game when that time comes around.


10. Magnetic Schedule - April 13th against the Cleveland Indians

Besides the fact that this is the Home Opener, the Royals will give away magnetic schedules to all fans. I still have my 2011 magnetic calender on the fridge, and every time I opened up the door to the refrigerator I could take a quick glance to check the time of an upcoming game, or who Kansas City may be playing next week. Very useful.

9. Alex Gordon Rawlings Gold Glove Replica - May 3rd against the New York Yankees

Not sure what this replica will look like (I assume a replica of the trophy), however it's a fun way to honor the great play that Alex Gordon had in left field all year long in 2011.

8. Royals Appreciation Night - September 22nd against the Cleveland Indians

The first 20,000 fans will receive a Royals fleece blanket on this night. Like lists, everyone enjoys blankets as well.

7. Jackie Robinson Jersey T-Shirt - April 15th against the Cleveland Indians.

Not much needed to say about this one. There is a reason #42 is retired across all of baseball. Glad to see the giveaway is against the Indians, the top that broke the color barrier in the American League.

6. "Moose"- takas Antlers - September 1st against the Minnesota Twins

Expect an extreme amount of "Moooooose" calls on this night as fans will have an extra reason to get behind the young third basemen. The antlers will be given away to the first 20,000 fans.

5. Royals Retro Batting Practice Jersey - April 21st against the Toronto Blue Jays

I envision a lot of powder blue. The more powder blue is for the better in my book. These will be handed out to the first 20,000 fans.

4. Eric Hosmer Bobblehead - August 18th against the Chicago White Sox

For Kansas City bobblehead collectors, this is pretty much the cream of the crop. For someone as young as Hosmer to already have his own bobblehead day, you know he is doing big things on the field. This is a must for a Royals fanatic.

3. George Brett Mini Pine Tar Bat - May 5th against the New York Yankees

First 10,00 fans will receive this bat, and of course the opposing team will be the Yankees. I expect the fans to be fired up for this game.

2. All-Star Garden Gnome - May 19th against the Arizona Diamondbacks

Not only is this an interleague game, but the Royals will be giving away 2012 All-Star Garden Gnomes to the first 10,000 fans. Many people have bobbleheads and other Kansas City collectibles, but how many people have Royals garden gnomes? I can almost hear the crickets through the computer screen as you read this. An obscure and awesome giveaway. Also the fewer number that are given out, likely means the more impressive the giveaway is.

1. Buck O'Neil Bobblehead - July 21st against the Minnesota Twins

There are few things that can top a Royals garden gnome in my book, and this is just the thing. The first 20,000 fans will receive a Buck O'Neil bobblehead, reminding us all about what the man meant to baseball and Kansas City as a whole. I am interested to see what this will look like, but I am sure it will be used a teaching point for parents to tell their children about the legendary man.