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2012 Royals Spring Training, Cactus League Standings

About midway through spring training, the Kansas City Royals find themselves in the middle of the Cactus League standings at 9-7. The Royals are four games back of Oakland who are 14-4. Standings in the preseason usually aren't something that are worried about too much but a team like Kansas City can use the added momentum of having a solid preseason.

Here is a look at the Cactus League Standings through Monday, March 19:

Oakland Athletics 14-4 --
San Francisco Giants 11-5 2.0
Seattle Mariners 11-7 3.0
LA Dodgers 8-5 3.5
LA Angels 9-7 4.0
Kansas City Royals 9-7 4.0
Colorado Rockies 9-7 4.0
San Diego Padres 9-8 4.5
Cincinnati Reds 8-10 6.0
Milwaukee Brewers 7-9 6.0
Chicago Cubs 8-11 6.5
Arizona Diamondbacks 7-11 7.0
Cleveland Indians 5-10 7.5
Chicago White Sox 5-11 8.0
Texas Rangers 4-12 9.0

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