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Eric Hosmer Predicted To Earn AL MVP Votes, According To ESPN's Keith Law

Someone is apparently a really big fan of Kansas City Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer. Keith Law recently took some questions from readers of his ESPN column, and when asked about some predictions for this spring, he mentioned Hosmer from the outset. Law writes, "I think Eric Hosmer ends up on MVP ballots this year. I'm not saying he's talented, but he can tell you an electron's position AND its momentum."

Hosmer certainly enjoyed a nice rookie season and gave the impression that he's going to be very comfortable in the middle of the Royals line-up for years to come. For a franchise that needs an iconic player who will resonate beyond the KC fan base and become the face of the team, Hosmer is an answer to prayer.

Hosmer finished third in AL Rookie of the Year voting last season and slugged 19 home runs in 128 games to go with 11 stolen bases. With a solid defensive reputation, Hosmer's all-around game should serve him well in the long run.