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Lorenzo Cain Injury Update: Center Fielder Will Miss Wednesday's Game Due To Groin Injury

Kansas City Royals center fielder Lorenzo Cain left Tuesday night's win over the Oakland Athletics when Cain ran into the center field wall as he caught the ball. The play injured Cain's left groin and he did not make his next plate appearance in the fourth inning and was replaced by Mitch Maier.

Manager Ned Yost talked about Cain's injury:

"He pulled the groin when he hit the wall," said Yost. "It's just slight, it's a Grade 1. We took him out because it was wet out there. We planned on giving him the day off [on Wednesday] anyway, so we look to have him back in there Friday."

Cain will be replaced in the lineup by Mitch Maier for Wednesday's game.

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