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AL Central Standings: Royals Trail Tigers, ChiSox After First Week

The Kansas City Royals sit at the .500 mark after the first week of the season and they hope to add to the win column as they open a series tonight against the Cleveland Indians. Currently the Royals sit at 3-3 and have reason for optimism with a solid showing from their starting pitching so far. While they are battling injuries to key players, others have definitely impressed with the way they are stepping up. Eric Hosmer is also developing as planned in the center of the Royals line-up.

The Indians are hoping to right a ship that's gone wrong early, and they should enjoy the small boost Johnny Damon brings to a miserable line-up card. Here's your complete AL Central standings.

AL Central Standings

Detroit 5 1 .833 0 Won 1
Chicago 3 2 .600 1.5 Won 2
Kansas City 3 3 .500 2 Lost 1
Minnesota 2 4 .333 3 Won 2
Cleveland 1 4 .200 3.5 Lost 2

(updated 4.13.2012 at 1:17 PM EDT)