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MLB Mock Draft: Royals Take Puerto Rican Shortstop Carlos Correa

The one name you should start to get to know as a Major League Baseball fan is Byron Buxton, the Georgia high school outfielder widely projected to be the first overall pick in a shaky draft class in the 2012 MLB Draft. As the June draft nears, more and more projections will be made, but it appears Buxton has the most upside of any player for the Houston Astros to consider.

As for the Kansas City Royals, MLB Draft Insider has Carlos Correa in their latest mock, a Puerto Rican shortstop, heading to the team at the No. 5 overall selection. It's the same slot that Bubba Starling claimed just one year ago, and the Royals can only hope to find a player with as high of a ceiling as Starling in this spot.

The American League holds the first five picks in the draft (since the Astros will switch leagues in 2013) with the Twins, Mariners and Orioles all selecting before the Royals.