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Indians' Chris Perez To Royals: 'You Hit Us, We Hit You. Period.'

Anyone who believes that today's game between the Kansas City Royals and the Cleveland Indians is a contest between two second class AL Central teams would be mistaken. Apparently, it's a match-up worthy of trash talk, thoughts of retribution and showing third and fourth place teams who is better. After last night's game featured not one but two bench-clearing stare downs, the main question on everyone's mind is simple: how crazy will today's third game be?

Chris Perez is ready put the Royals away and is talking trash on Twitter leading up to the big fight:

Apparently, Perez is ready to bring his 7.36 ERA to the park today to finish off the Royals. Perhaps everyone can get up again and look even meaner across the field than they did the day before.

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