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AL Central Standings: Royals Sit 3 Games Behind Tigers

The AL Central was expected to belong to the Detroit Tigers when all was said and done in the 2012 MLB season. Little did anyone expect that it would be handed over so easily. The Tigers already lead the division in the early going, and based on the way their rivals look, it might be the easiest competition in all of baseball. The Royals hope to reverse that direction today in the start of their series at Kauffman.

Here's the latest updated AL Central standings heading into today's games:

AL Central Standings

Detroit 6 3 .666 0 Won 1
Chicago 5 3 .625 0.5 Lost 1
Cleveland 4 4 .500 1.5 Won 3
Kansas City 3 6 .333 3 Lost 4
Minnesota 2 7 .222 4 Lost 3

(updated 4.16.2012 at 1:56 PM EDT)

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