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Royals Owner David Glass Remains Positive Despite Rough Start

The Royals have yet to win a home game this season in a year where many expected Kansas City to finally take a step forward in its building process. But owner David Glass doesn't seem worried.


"Baseball is an up-and-down game," Glass said on Thursday. "If you had a losing streak like we have right now in the middle of the season and your record was decent, you wouldn't think much about it. It's the fact that we started this way."

The Royals have lost seven games in a row and have scored three runs or fewer in seven of 12 games this year. Kansas City hasn't finished above .500 since 2003 and has lost at least 90 games in seven of the last eight seasons. Although the Detroit Tigers are heavy favorites to win the AL Central, many thought before the season that the Royals could make a push for second place. At 3-9, Kansas City is sitting in last in the division.

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