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Alex Gordon's Extension With Royals Should Fare Better Than Past Deals

The Kansas City Royals are slowly but surely locking up their young offensive players to long-term contract extensions, a process that began with the multi-year deal given to catcher Salvador Perez. Alex Gordon is the latest to sign a four-year extension and it’s definitely the biggest fish yet worth $37.5 million. Given KC’s history with big-time contracts, this could be a scary proposition for the franchise.

Brandon Warne of Fangraphs says not to worry about this one. While Gordon might not put up a career line of 303/.376/.502, he will continue to hit well enough to warrant the numbers he’s earning.

Warne writes, “It’s the the second biggest contract the Royals have handed out since the Gil Meche and Jose Guillen deals (Zack Greinke‘s 4/$38 million prior to ’09). I’m a big proponent of extending your own guys rather than spending in free agency — even when the dollars are exactly the same — but without considering that, I think this one will work out a bit better for the club.”

It was a career year for Gordon after several disappointing ones, but the Royals have to believe he has turned the corner if they are going to invest the type of money that they have. With Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas and Alex Gordon in the heart of the order, the Royals should feast on pitching for years to come.

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