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Eric Hosmer Comparable To Joey Votto, Adrian Gonzalez Per Jim Bowden

It might be next to impossible to find someone who doesn't like Eric Hosmer's potential. The Kansas City Royals first baseman has already been called a potential future MVP candidate and obvious All-Star in the making, but Jim Bowden recently took it a step further saying that he will soon step into the most elite class of first basemen in the Major Leagues with Albert Pujols-like potential. Yep, Pujols. Check it:

Hosmer put together an impressive rookie season last year, batting .293 with 19 home runs. However, based on what I saw this spring, Hosmer isn't just another talented first baseman. This player is special. He is an elite first baseman who clearly fits in the same talent category as first basemen such as Adrian Gonzalez and Joey Votto. From what I saw this spring, Hosmer's bat speed, barrel awareness, use of the all fields, pitch recognition and swing path are very similar to Votto and Gonzalez. Likewise, he's also a plus defender. Hosmer's not Albert Pujols, but putting up Pujols-type numbers in a couple years is a distinct possibility.

Bowden doesn't mince words here. It's clear that Dayton Moore really has a true impact player here. Anyone who has watched Hosmer believes there are great things ahead, but perhaps the ceiling is even higher than imagined. If that's not enough superlatives for you...