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Ivan Rodriguez Ready To Play... Just Not For Royals

Jon Heyman is reporting that veteran catcher Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez is working out and that he's in shape enough to contribute to a Major League team. Unfortunately, the Kansas City Royals needed one about two transactions ago and reportedly even checked in on Rodriguez. Instead, they traded a real prospect plus a player to be named later for a light-hitting (to be polite) defensive catcher with back spasms. In short, signing Pudge (or any adequate free agent catcher) would have been a move that made much more sense.

Heyman guesses that Rodriguez will play this season with the Tampa Bay Rays as a possible fit. Perhaps Pudge is insisting on playing for a contender, which would make sense given the Royals lack of starting pitching and youth across the board. While KC might surprise some this year, they likely won't supplant the Tigers at the top of the division. Still if Rodriguez was open to play for a team, it's frustrating that the Royals had to give up what they did for the positions they bolstered. In an offseason filled with celebrated extensions and player moves, the Humberto Quintero trade is a head-scratcher.