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Royals Vs. Angels Final Score: Kansas City Gets First Win Of The Year, Defeat L.A. 6-3

The Kansas City Royals picked up their first win of the season as they held of a rally from the Los Angeles Angles to win 6-3. The Royals got off to an early 5-0 lead after six innings which included a pair of solo home runs by Eric Hosmer in the fifth inning and Mike Moustakas home run was in the sixth inning.

Luke Hochevar got the win for the Royals and he pitched well and had a shutout into the seventh inning before he allowed the Angles to comeback by scoring two runs. Hochevar ended up pitching 6 1/3 innings and was pulled after allowing two hits in the bottom of the seventh. He left runners on first and third which eventually scored to make it a 5-3 game.

Tim Collins and Greg Holland finished out the seventh and eighth innings, but in the bottom of the ninth Jonathan Broxton allowed a Kendrys Morales double and then Tori Hunter reached base on a bunt which advanced Morales to third. Bobby Abreu hit a sacrafice fly to score Morales. The game ended when Vernon Wells grounded into a double play.

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