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Royals Move Past 'Opening Day Distractions' To Beat Angels

Jeff Francoeur is likely going to be speaking out as the experienced veteran on this team all season. Given his perspective in the league compared with his young teammates, they're going to need his guidance. Just one listen to his take on the difference from opening day to the second game of the Major League season shows what the Royals young roster will have to learn as they head into the third game on Sunday against the Angels.

After Saturday's 6-3 win that included a strong performance from starter Luke Hochevar and home runs from Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas, Francoeur said he could see a major difference between the first two games of the season already.

"The best thing was getting out there and playing again right away today," said Jeff Francoeur. "Opening Day -- I love it, but there are so many different [distractions]. Your routine's out of whack and everybody's psyched up. You could tell today that everybody was loose and putting good swings on it."

Baseball definitely has its own grind, as Greg Holland explains, which is a good thing for a fresh team like the Royals to experience -- to stay focused on what's most important.

"That says a lot about our team, just grindin'," reliever Greg Holland said. "It's a turning point for us, as far as being able to bounce back after a tough loss. And it is a tough loss when you're tied in the eighth and give up five. We came back ready to play today and that's what you've got to do."

Jon Sanchez makes his debut today for the Royals, and fans will be anxious to see what the Melky Cabrera trade from last fall brings them. Game time is 2:35pm CT.

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