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Alex Gordon: 'I've Got To Start Helping This Team Out'

Everyone is aware that the game of baseball is a streaky one, and three games is a drop in the pan compared to the 159 game stretch ahead. That said, Alex Gordon’s hitless start to the season through the opening series of the season against the Angels is not a good sign for a player whose big money extension is still waiting for the ink to dry.

The Royals left fielder is well aware of the pressure on him to perform, and he’s ready to turn the corner from a disappointing series where he went 0 for 13 and reached base only one time.

"Obviously it wasn’t a good series for me," Gordon said. "It’s a long season so I’ve got to forget about it and move on. I’ve got to start helping this team out, especially if I’m going to be at the top of the order. Luckily guys like [Eric] Hosmer, [Billy] Butler and [Jeff] Francoeur had a good series and were able to pick me up. So that makes a good team."

It’s possible that Gordon might not play tonight agains the Oakland A’s in the series opener. Ned Yost, KC’s manager, will make the call.

"I’ll think through it. We may give him a break," Yost said. "The only way we’re going to get Bourgeois or Mitch [Maier] is when these guys aren’t hitting. So you take advantage of it when you can. I don’t know that we’re going to do it — we’ll think through and see where we’re at tomorrow."

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