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MLB Power Rankings: Royals Looking Good, Despite Record

The Kansas City Royals have had some tough luck at the beginning of the 2012 season. Their record doesn't look half as good as the team is actually performing.

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The Kansas City Royals were looked at by some evaluators as a sleeper pick before the season started. The team had managed to amass an impressive assortment of under-the-radar young bats and arms and had a realistic shot at being competitive. Then they opened the season by going 3-13. But they're still looking impressive, even while losing.

The latest MLB Power Rankings from Sports Illustrated have been released. The come in at No. 9 out of the 30 MLB teams. Here's what SI has to say:

Kansas City Royals
WAR Winning Percentage:
.552; Current Winning Percentage: .286; WAR Wins: 12; Current Wins: 6

The Royals rank 22nd in the majors in runs, but their wRC+ is tied for ninth best in the game, and drives a large part of the difference between their expected record and their actual record. If they keep hitting like they have, runs will come their way at a much higher rate. Their 3-13 start will likely keep their record unimpressive for a good chunk of the season, but their offense led them to finish 3-3 over the last week, and they've shown the underlying skills of a team that can win games on a regular basis.

If the Royals don't manage to turn those impressive losses into wins, they'll drop down in the rankings in a hurry by the end of May.

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