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MLB Standings 2012: Kansas City In Fourth In The AL Central

Even in the relatively weak AL Central, the Royals already have a lot of ground to make up after a slow opening month.


With over a month of baseball now in the books, the Kansas City Royals have dug themselves an early hole if they want to finally turn the corner as a franchise in 2012.

Kansas City, at 11-19, is a full six games behind the surprising 17-13 Cleveland Indians in the AL Central. The high-priced Detroit Tigers are in second at 15-15, followed by the Chicago White Sox at 15-17.

The Minnesota Twins are the only team in the division who have started out slower than the Royals, as their days of perennial playoff contention seem long behind them right now. They are currently 8-22 with a -63 run differential, the worst in MLB.

Coming in second is Kansas City, as the Royals have been outscored by 32 runs this season so far.

So while the post-season system has been tweaked to allow two wild-card berths from each league, the AL Central still looks like a division where only the winner will get in.

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