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Mike Moustakas Injury Update: Sore Hamstring Keeps Kansas City Royals Third Baseman Out

The hottest hitter in the Kansas City Royals line-up is going to sit out for the second time in three games tonight against the Chicago White Sox with a sore left hamstring. Royals manager Ned Yost says it’s better to be safe than sorry with third baseman Mike Moustakas, which means the Royals line-up is light against White Sox starter Chris Sale tonight.

“His hammy is still a little sore,” Yost said. “Just a little bit. He was about 85 percent before (Friday’s) game, and afterward, it didn’t feel worse. So this is a good day to give him a break. It’s wet. It’s cold. But, really, I didn’t have any idea the conditions were going to be like this and, (Friday) night, I told him I was going to give him a day (off) with the lefty going.”

Eric Hosmer was dropped to third in the order, and Irving Falu is taking Moustakas’ place in the line-up and on the field at third. Hopefully the Royals can bounce back after being shut out last night, but the change in line-up doesn’t bode well for such possibilities.