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Mike MacDougal Still Hanging On, Signs Minor League Deal With Chicago Cubs

Just when you think a veteran like Mike MacDougal might just hang it up, he continues to catch on with another team. This time it's the Chicago Cubs who are taking a flier on the steady reliever after being let go by the Los Angeles Dodgers. Why wouldn't they, however, when MacDougal is only one season removed from a very impressive year?

MacDougal can help a Cubs pen beset by injuries to guys like Carlos Marmol, although it's a mystery why MacDougal's early season performance with LA was so poor. Last season, the former Royals reliever had a 2.05 ERA through 69 games. This year, he has a 7.94 ERA through 7 games. In 2010, MacDougal lasted only 17 games with the Cardinals for another 7+ ERA. In short, MacDougal's career shows why signing relievers long-term is such a mixed bag since results vary so often.

MacDougal saved 50 games in his KC career from 2001 to 2006.