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Chuck Knoblauch, Andy Pettitte Among Players Named By Brian McNamee In Roger Clemens' Trial

Brian McNamee might sleep easier at night now that he's telling his side of the story, but he's definitely throwing several other people under the bus along the way. The latest names emerging from the perjury trial for Roger Clemens includes former Kansas City Royals second baseman Chuck Knoblauch, New York Yankees star pitcher Andy Pettitte and former reliever Mike Stanton (not Giancarlo).

The AP reports, "McNamee hadn't been allowed to name the players before, but U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton said Monday he would allow it to rebut the suggestion made by Clemens' lawyer during cross-examination that McNamee solely targeted the former pitcher."

McNamee has already stated that he gave Clemens injections of steroids as well as HGH. Clemens still denies all allegations.

Knoblauch only played for the Royals for one season in 2002, playing in 80 games in KC in what was his worst season statistically. He was also a Rookie of the Year winner and a four-time All-Star in his time with the Twins and Yankees.