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Wil Myers, Bubba Starling Among Top 15 Prospects In MLB By ESPN's Keith Law

As impressive as the overall core of the farm system is currently for the Kansas City Royals, the team is going to need a few of them to truly become impact players on the diamond. A line-up has to have a heart of the order, and a rotation must have its anchor. That being the case, Wil Myers and Bubba Starling stand as good a chance as any of those yet to land with KC.

Myers was just named a top five prospect in all of baseball by Keith Law of ESPN in his new tally of the top 25 current MLB prospects, with Starling just behind at No. 14. Both impact bats would only bolster a line-up that includes Alex Gordon, Billy Butler, Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer. In fact, it's a line-up that could eventually become one of the best in baseball.

Law writes about Myers, "I doubt Myers ends up at third base for the Royals, but there's nothing wrong with maintaining his flexibility and possible trade value. He'll hit enough to be an impact guy at any position."

For Starling, Law admits it was a difficult decision. "He was the hardest guy to rank on the list, as he still has huge tools but hasn't played yet this spring. It wasn't necessarily a bad decision by the Royals to take him fifth overall last June, but since he's nearly 20 I'd like to see him in games sometime soon.

Dylan Bundy of the Orioles topped the list.