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Kansas City Royals Recall Vin Mazzaro, Send Nate Adcock To AAA Omaha

For those looking for an inspiring bit among today's MLB transactions, you won't find it on the wire from the Kansas City Royals. Today's moves are simply a recycling of parts that haven't quite worked out just yet as the Royals try to maximize their investments in fringe ML pitchers and maintain a healthy bullpen by bringing in fresh arms.

The latest moves announced by the team has Nate Adcock heading back to AAA Omaha after his most recent loss to the Cleveland Indians. The Royals are filling his spot with familiar reliever Vin Mazzaro. It's a trip both players know well.

"Back to Omaha, it's a carousel," Adcock said. "They need an arm and the bullpen is important, they've got to save the bullpen. You can't wear these guys out and I didn't do my job, so that's why we're going."

Adcock struggled in his most recent start on Monday, allowing five runs in only two-plus innings of work. On the year, Adcock is 0-3, but he has a respectable 3.74 ERA even after the disastrous start. Only 24 with a solid frame, Adcock will still get plenty of chances in KC to stick.

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