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Jonathan Broxton Makes Interesting Trade Candidate For Royals Given Closer-Starved Teams

With the loss of Mariano Rivera for the season for the New York Yankees, it brings up the pain that several teams are going through early in 2012 as closers either break down or fail to work out. Brian Wilson has already been lost for the San Francisco Giants. Heath Bell is suddenly showing his age for the Miami Marlins. The Chicago Cubs are losing patience with Carlos Marmol, and now Huston Street is injured. That doesn't even count Ryan Madson who was lost in the preseason for the Reds.

That means the market is a bit hotter for sellers via trade if a closer is to be had, and the Kansas City Royals have an interesting veteran arm in Jonathan Broxton potentially available. The team hasn't openly shopped him at all, and it's still very early in the season in a mediocre AL Central. However, it's something that the Royals might have to consider if it's true that teams are checking on Broxton's availability.

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe writes:

The Cubs would have you take Carlos Marmol, please. The Pirates could part with Joel Hanrahan, but you'd pay a steep price, because he is someone you can build a team around. The White Sox might deal lefty Matt Thornton, who is off to an excellent start. The Astros have Brett Myers, who has pitched in tough situations with the Phillies.

Teams are looking to see whether the Mets would deal Bobby Parnell and whether the Royals would give up a good arm such as Jonathan Broxton (though they'd have to receive his permission, since he was signed as a free agent and otherwise couldn't be moved until after June 15).

The Royals would likely only move Broxton once Greg Holland was back and healthy from injury, but if the Royals remain out of contention then trading the veteran makes sense. He was signed to a one-year deal this offseason so there's no long-term vision for Broxton in Kansas City. Gaining some return would be prudent for a front office that's still trying to build the franchise.