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John Sickels Profiles Royals Pitching Prospect Jake Odorizzi

As the Kansas City Royals present continues to look mediocre at best, the future still looks bright, thanks in part to prospects like starting pitcher Jake Odorizzi. John Sickels over at Minor League Ball took a closer look at the Royals product and likes what he sees. Then again, it's hard not to when he's pitching like he is at AA Northwest Arkansas.

He writes, "Odorizzi reminds observers of a young Greinke with his athleticism, easy delivery, and strike-throwing ability. His stuff isn't as good as Zack's and he doesn't project as the same kind of ace, but Odorizzi has a good shot at developing into a mid-rotation starter. He should reach Triple-A later this year and could be in line for a September major league trial if he continues to pitch well."

Odorizzi is 3-2 in six starts with a 3.48 ERA. He has 40 Ks in 31 innings.