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Kansas City Royals Continue Maddening Approach To Johnny Giavotella's Development

The Kansas City Royals continue to hold a revolving door of sorts at second base this season, and the latest move announced brings back a familiar face while sending down the man most believe will be the Royals second baseman of the future.

The Royals have started four different players at second base this season. Getz has the most starts with 21. Yuniesky Betancourt follows with 14. Giavotella has a grand total of 9 starts for the Royals, while Irving Falu has 5.

It's a bit maddening to follow the Royals closely while wondering why the team continues to give Giavotella nothing more than a slight look at the Major League level. When Falu has over half as many starts as Giavotella and they rank third and fourth on the list, something is definitely wrong with the picture of development at the Major League level.

Whether it's Dayton Moore or Ned Yost making the call, it appears to be the wrong one from the outside. The team is going with a defensive approach in interleague play, and Getz is definitely the better option given that. But this year isn't just about success against the Brewers in one three-game set. Instead it's about figuring out what the team has for the long-term. Giving Giavotella a few innings here and there isn't going to tell them much of anything.

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