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Roman Colon Back With Kansas City Royals Bullpen After 3 Year Absence

Kansas City Royals fans will likely recognize the name of the latest addition to the bullpen from a few years ago, back when Roman Colon threw 43 games for the team in 2009 and another five in 2010. Since then, it's been quite the global journey for the reliever, but he said he's glad to be back in Kansas City with the Major League team.

"I went to Korea, pitched over there a little bit. I didn't regret going there. I experienced a lot of things," he said. "I learned a lot from the Korean people because they have a pretty good culture."

Now that he's back, the Royals must hope he has learned something since his first times around the league haven't been that successful. In 52 innings with Kansas City, Colon allowed 7 home runs and had a 5.33 ERA overall. His career ERA is 5.12 after other stops with the Atlanta Braves and Detroit Tigers as well.

"I didn't feel like I went away. This is home for me. And the Kansas City Royals have been showing that a lot to me. Here I am again, and I'm trying to make it happen again," Colon said.

The Royals certainly hope so.