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Frank White Speaks Out About Present And Future Relationship With KC Royals

Frank White is keeping busy these days working as first-base coach of the Kansas City T-Bones of the American Association. Its still a far cry from where he was as first a player and later a minor league manager and broadcaster for the Royals.

White was passed over twice as Royals manager and was ousted from his job of broadcaster last season. It was the second bitter ending between White and the Royals as his playing days also ended difficultly. Now it is hard for White to see any reconciliation between the two parties.

"Maybe the smart thing to say is ‘Never say never. Never say always.' The most important thing is being right at that particular time," White said. "You get tired. I go along with things for a while even though they're not quite how they should be, but at some point, when I quit I quit.

"I don't see it. I just want to enjoy what I'm doing. I want to be stress-free, enjoy what I'm doing with the guys and get more involved with the community in Kansas City, and let Royals baseball take care of itself."

In the meantime White is enjoying his time with the T-Bones and is writing a book which will include his side of the story as far as his history with the Royals goes.

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