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Royals Catcher Salvador Perez Says His Knee Is Back To '90-95 Percent'

The Kansas City Royals are already feeling the positive momentum and wind in the team’s sails. Now they’re also getting some positive player contributions back again. Salvador Perez was inked to a long-term deal to be the team’s starting catcher, but then knee issues came in and sidelined him for nearly half of the 2012 season. Now the Royals will likely have him back very soon.

"I feel great. I don’t feel (anything) in my knee," Perez said to earlier this week. "No pain. (I’m) not tired. I’ll catch my second back-to-back games (Tuesday and Wednesday). When I feel 100 percent, maybe (I’ll) go up again."

The Royals could certainly use his bat in the line-up. The back-ups in Brayan Pena and Humberto Quintero have only hurt the Royals in the everyday line-up. Quintero is batting .230 with a .596 OPS. Pena, in almost equal time to Quintero, has a .250 average with a .618 OPS. Those are horrible numbers that equal as close to an automatic out as the Royals could generate in their line-up.

Perez has already earned a hot bat in the minors on his current rehab. Currently he’s batting .340 in Omaha and went 4 for 4 on Wednesday.

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